Why speed matters when it comes to broadband

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5th April 2024

In today’s digital world, speed isn’t just a luxury – it’s a necessity.

People often underestimate the importance of speed when it comes to their broadband package.

As a leading Full Fibre provider, we understand the role speedy broadband plays in completing various online tasks, efficiently and effectively.

From streaming movies to attending a video conference and everything in between, here’s why speed matters now more than ever.

For the work from homers…

Working from home calls for better broadband more than ever. According to Forbes in 2023, 30% of people in the UK were working from home and, on average, the standard speed required was 100Mb download and 10Mb upload speed.

But did you know that the average home broadband speed in the UK is 64.9Mb? That’s 30Mb less than what you need to work from home, frustration-free!

By changing to Full Fibre speeds, you can swap out days wasted on rubbish broadband delaying your work, and welcome effortless productivity.

For the watchers…

Are you a serial binge-watcher or a one-episode-at-a-time kind of viewer? Either way, speedy broadband is needed for seamless, buffer-free streaming.

Not to mention, with Full Fibre, you can download your favourite film in under a minute (53 seconds to be exact), compared to standard broadband which can take 11 minutes.

That’s 10 minutes a day, 4 hours a month and 2 and a half days a year that you’re wasting looking at the wheel of doom… Don’t be that person.

For the gamers…

As our fellow gamers will know, high speeds are essential for smooth gameplay. With Full Fibre, we’re taking gaming to the next level, with Gigafast speeds and low latency , so that you can enjoy lightning-fast response times, crystal-clear graphics, and an immersive gaming experience.


So, if you take anything from this, let it be that SPEED MATTERS. And Full Fibre isn’t a want, it’s a need!

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