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5th April 2024

Did you hear?

With inflation rates announced, most other broadband providers are increasing monthly bills by up to 8% this year, meaning loyal customers are being hit with sky-high monthly broadband costs.

Joining Grain means that you can avoid these price rises and pay the same fixed and fair price for your whole contract! Do you have access to the Grain broadband service? Check your postcode to find out now.

Whether you are looking to switch to Grain, or are stuck in a contract, here’s how you can do your best to avoid further broadband price rises by your current provider.


Understand your contract

The first step to avoiding price increases is to understand the terms of your broadband contract. Take time to review the details, including the initial pricing, contract length, and any clauses related to price adjustments. It is a legal requirement for them to include this in your contract, so it will be there (likely well hidden, or in tiny writing)!

Being informed about your contract will enable you to anticipate potential changes and make informed decisions. And it means you will know the date you can leave if you are fed up with the price rises!

At Grain, we believe in transparency and fixed pricing, so we ensure that our customers know exactly what they will get and how much they will pay during their contract. So, you can bag an unbelievable deal, fixed for your whole contract, and not have to worry about a price rises…Ever!


Bundle services wisely

Bundling broadband with other services such as TV or mobile may seem like a good way to save money but be careful of introductory offers that expire after a certain period. We recommend regularly reviewing your bundled services, to see if the savings are worth the potential price rises.

Did you know that many of the TV channels being offered as part of a bundle from your broadband provider, can be found on pay-as-you-go or FREE viewing platforms? Don’t be fooled by the bundling “bargains”!

By understanding your contract, staying vigilant of introductory offer periods and better bundling your services, you can take control of your broadband bills and get the best value for money.


But the best way to avoid price rises is simple. Join Grain, for a fast, affordable Full Fibre broadband service, with no in-contract price rises…EVER!

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