We’ve launched 56x faster broadband speeds for Cambridge’s residents

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24th July 2023

Our faster Full Fibre broadband is now available!

We’ve launched 56x faster broadband speeds for Cambridge’s residents. Thanks to our new Full Fibre investment, residents in the Ditton area of Cambridge can now access 56x faster broadband. Our investment into this state-of-the-art infrastructure allows residents to experience some of the fastest broadband speeds in the country, at affordable prices.

Our fibre-optic network uses Point-to-Point (PTP) architecture, which ensures faster and more reliable broadband with symmetrical download and upload speeds. Unlike traditional copper networks that only take fibre to the cabinet, this new infrastructure takes dedicated fibre lines directly to the router in each premise, giving the community access to gigabit-capable broadband speeds.

Currently, the average download speed in Cambridge is between 54Mb and 226Mb, with upload speeds of only 18Mb. Meaning, with our network investment, residents can now access 19x faster download speeds and 56x faster upload speeds.

On average, Cambridge residents pay around £28.27 per month starting with 60Mb of broadband. However, with access to Grain’s Full Fibre service, residents can now enjoy unlimited data and symmetrical upload and download speeds of 100Mb for only £1 for 3 months and £19.99 for the remainder of the 18-month contract term. This affordable pricing model offers a substantial cost saving of up to £206 compared to the current market average. Additionally, customers receive a free router, free installation, free expert set-up, and the benefit of no in-contract price rises.

Tracy Karam, our Head of Sales and Marketing said: “We are very excited to roll out our services in the Cambridge area and be able to offer Ditton residents a great value, affordable service, without compromising on speed and reliability.

“We aim to make Full Fibre accessible to all, with our current July offer giving residents access to our services for just £1 per month for three months. We are really proud that our pricing is affordable but also transparent, with no in-contract price rises.

“We look forward to welcoming Cambridge to our unbeatable gigabit-capable network!”

Our coverage extends to various housing developments and urban centres across the UK, showcasing our commitment to delivering high-speed internet through their advanced fibre network. We offer a range of products for both residential and small business customers, with a focus on efficiency and high performance.

To register interest or learn more about our Full Fibre broadband in the Ditton area, visit our postcode checker or call 0330 223 2266 to speak to a member of our dedicated team.

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