Castleford residents can get cheaper broadband with Grain

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24th January 2024

Castleford, did you know that you’re paying on average 9% more for broadband than other parts of the country?

By switching to Grain, we can put a stop to that immediately, with broadband from just £18.99!

According to Uswitch, Castleford is one of the UK’s priciest towns for broadband, with residents paying an average £29.41 per month – 9% higher than the UK average! The further sting in the tail is that you might not even be paying for Full Fibre.

Full Fibre takes the fibre cable direct from the local exchange to the router in your home, cutting out the outdated copper that many other providers use from the street cabinet to your home.

Grain only delivers Full Fibre broadband, and Castleford residents can currently sign up to our Superfast 150 package for just £18.99 per month, and get three months for only £5 per month!

Other benefits of making the switch to Grain include a free standard installation, no set up or router costs, equal upload and download speeds, and unlimited data. Plus, with no credit checks, and thousands of homes in Castleford now live on our network, we can get you installed in just a matter of days.

Prefer speed over price?

Not interested in cheaper broadband? Okay, well how about faster broadband? For the same price as you currently pay, we can no doubt give you increased speeds!

Our Hyperfast 500 package, which gives 500Mb upload AND download, plus unlimited data, is currently only £24.99 per month, PLUS you get three months for just £5 per month.

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