Do you know your Full Fibre from your Fake Fibre?

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13th March 2024

With more than enough confusion already about the difference between companies who provide true Full Fibre broadband (Grain for example!) and others who only use fibre on parts of their broadband network, it has been less than helpful to see that companies such as 6G Internet are trying to misuse the term Full Fibre in relation to their pole network.

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) have banned another advert by 6G Internet (who also operate as Opus or IX Wireless), stating that it is misleading its customers for the second time since August 2023 by using the term Full Fibre.

Despite having an advert banned in August 2023, 6G Internet have claimed that their service, which uses street masts and receivers to provide a service, can provide speeds like Full Fibre.

The ASA have rightly taken action and 6G Internet have been told to ensure future adverts do not wrongly state or imply that they provide a Full Fibre speed broadband service.

You can read more about the ASA ruling against 6G Internet here.

6G Internet use radio waves to provide their broadband, increasing the risk of external interference. Grain provides an exclusively underground Full Fibre broadband service, running the fibre straight into your house.

Unlike 6G Internet, we provide true Full Fibre directly into your home, in fact we even triple their fastest speeds by reaching speeds of up to 900Mbps on the Grain network!

We have pledged never to install ugly sky-high masts up and down your street, and instead we hide all our cables underground, with no unpleasant masts outside your window and no need for a receiver to be attached to your home either.

At Grain you can expect great value, reliable, fast, and most importantly hidden broadband!

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