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What should I do if I am moving home or business?

I’m moving to another property Grain can service:
Please get in touch to discuss how we can get you set-up and installed in your new property! Your current contract doesn’t need to stop, or restart – it will continue as normal so you have one less thing to worry about.

Complete the ‘Moving home’ form here.

I’m moving to a property Grain cannot service:
We’ll be sad to see you go! Here’s what you need to do…
– Give us 30 days notice so that we can take you through the cancellation process.
– Don’t turn off your Grain equipment, as we need to remotely access the router to complete the cancellation.
– Provide us with clear evidence that you are moving home and we may be able to waive your cancellation fees (I.e. a tenancy agreement or proof of sale). Until we receive these documents, your account will be charged as a normal cancellation.

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