Grain set to rescue Virgin Media customers

Inflation-busting price rises are hitting homes and businesses

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27th January 2023

Don’t worry, Grain’s got your back

Virgin Media customers being hammered by inflation busting price rises are about to be rescued by Full Fibre broadband provider Grain!

Grain is offering potential customers an extra six months half price on top of their lower prices, providing a chance to escape Virgin Media as it raises its prices by 14%.

Virgin Media is also changing its contract terms, setting a future trap for its customers, with price rises written into contracts going forward, rising by RPI + 3.9%, which at current levels would mean prices going up by over 17% next year, with nothing customers can do to avoid this.

At a time when more people are dependent on broadband in their home, Virgin Media is joining the other national providers, trapping their loyal customers into a cycle of repeated inflation busting price increases. This means now is the perfect time to escape Virgin Media and make the move to Grain.

This month has already seen BT, EE, Talk Talk, Vodafone and Plusnet announce prices would be going up by over 14%, more than double the increase that most customers will be seeing in their pay packets.

Virgin Media has said that it has had to make these price changes because of rising global energy prices and inflation affecting their running costs, but in its latest results, still managed to grow profits by 9%.

In the last nine months alone, Virgin Media has already made nearly three billion pounds in profit, which is a staggering £3,000,000,000, and could easily absorb the inflation it is experiencing without passing on such a large increase to its customers. This also comes at a time when customers are under pressure from the cost of living crisis.

Virgin Media will be writing and emailing to notify customers of these changes and customers will have the last ever opportunity to leave their Virgin Media contracts penalty free within 30 days of receiving the notification.

This will be the last time those customers have this chance as the Virgin Media contract changes means their customers will be trapped and forced to face possible 17% price increases next year, and unable to do anything about it.

Grain is currently in the process of rolling out a Full Fibre broadband network across the country.

Grain believes in transparent pricing and fair contract terms, rewarding, not punishing, the loyalty of its existing customers. Grain will be offering Virgin Media customers the chance to escape the price increase and the contract changes which will trap customers in an endless round of inflation busting price increases.

Hear what Tracy Karam, our Head of Sales & Marketing has to say;

“Unlike other providers, we promise to treat customers fairly and never increase our price during their contract”.

“Any Virgin Media customer impacted by the Virgin Media price rise who makes the move to Grain, and is installed by the end of February, will also benefit from a further six months half price on top of the great prices we are already offering.

“Grain has significantly lower monthly prices than those charged by Virgin Media, and customers can be safe in the knowledge that their prices will remain fixed throughout their contract, and at the end of their Grain contract they will have access to the same monthly prices advertised for new customers”.

“We strongly believe that companies who are already making such profits shouldn’t be passing on inflation busting price increases like this to their customers.

“We are also supportive of the current lobbying of Ofcom and the UK Government, to bring an end to contract terms allowing some broadband providers to exploit their existing customers with huge price increases while being trapped in a contract. If a price has been agreed up front for a contract, we believe that should be unchanged for the entire contract, and the sneaky practice of inflation busting price increases should be brought to an end.”

For more information about the great packages Grain can offer, and availability in your area, click here.

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