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21st December 2023

At a time when household bills are on the rise, finding a broadband provider that offers high speeds and low prices may seem too good to be true… but it’s not! 

This year, utilities such as gas, electricity, and broadband have seen huge price hikes – with record drops in disposable income, loyal customers are being left with less pennies in their pockets. News outlets are bursting with stories of escalating bills and cost-of-living struggles, leaving households across the UK tightening their belts.  

At Grain, we understand the economic challenges our customers face, and we’re determined to help make a difference. Our future-proof service is fast, reliable, and affordable, too (with no nasty price rise surprises)!

Unlike some of the UK’s biggest broadband providers, who have implemented staggering price increases, we remain steadfast in our commitment to providing unbeatable prices throughout the entire contract term. In a landscape where other providers may sneak in hidden fees or surprise customers with in-contract price rises, we pride ourselves on offering transparency and peace of mind. 

Virgin implemented price rises of over 13% in 2023, leaving many customers feeling frustrated and undervalued. Similarly, other providers such as Sky, BT, and TalkTalk each implemented inflation linked price rises in 2023, citing various reasons for their upward adjustments.  

At Grain, we understand that such increases can be a burden on your household budget, and we want to offer an alternative that ensures you can get more out of your money. A reliable connection shouldn’t come with a sky-high price tag, or the looming threat of in-contract price hikes. 

We’re proud to offer a service that is low cost and high in quality – with no price rises during your contract… EVER!  

Make 2024 the year of change, check your postcode to see if you can make the switch to Grain and get more, for less. 

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