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Hull residents can now start enjoying significant savings on their broadband service thanks to our Full Fibre broadband rollout.

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30th June 2023

Grain is now connecting homes in Hull

The first homes are now being installed, and residents can start saving over £455 over their contract! More than 20,000 residents in Hull will be able to access our state-of-the-art fibre optic network infrastructure, which is delivered underground with no poles, with prices from just £14.99 per month for 100Mb until 31 July 2023.

Customers who sign up and book an installation by 31 July 2023 will be in with a chance of winning one year of free broadband, in an exclusive prize draw.

Hull has long suffered from a lack of choice when it comes to Internet Service Providers, making it the most expensive city in the UK for broadband. The average household currently pays £40.50 per month for 60Mb or more.

However, with Grain’s Full Fibre broadband, residents can enjoy unlimited data and 100Mb speeds for only £14.99 per month. Additionally, they will receive a free router, free installation, free expert set-up and no-in contract price rises, ever!

By switching to Grain, Hull residents could save over £455 on an 18-month contract.

We have made significant investments in building our own independent network throughout Hull, meaning we can offer Gigafast-capable speeds at affordable prices, without compromising on reliability or service quality.

Tracy Karam, Head of Sales and Marketing at Grain said: “We are very excited to be live and connecting the people of Hull to a better choice of UK broadband. We already have huge demand from residents who have signed up in advance of our service going live.

“We are committed to providing communities with a great value, affordable service, without compromising on speed and reliability. Our goal is to make Full Fibre broadband accessible to all and our packages, with no in-contract prices rises, no up-front costs and unlimited data, fit the bill.”

Grain’s fibre optic network uses Point-to-Point (PTP) architecture, providing each household with its own dedicated fibre cable. This ensures faster and more reliable broadband with symmetrical download and upload speeds, enabling seamless data transfer and a consistent internet connection with minimal downtime or disruptions. Unlike Passive Optical Network (PON) setups that split a cable between multiple households, Grain’s approach guarantees a superior broadband experience for each connected property.

Check your postcode today to find out if you can start accessing our future-ready Full Fibre!

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