Make better broadband your new year resolution in 2024

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11th January 2024


Slow broadband is so 2023. There’s been a number of exciting changes in the world of broadband this year, let’s talk about it…

Top trends of 2024 

Unsurprisingly, internet usage continues to grow, with research finding that the average adult now spends 3 hours and 41 minutes a day online (4 hours and 36 minutes for young adults between 18 and 24!). The more each user relies on the internet to work, game, learn and browse, the more a reliable internet connection is needed.

91% of online adults visited YouTube from various devices in May of this year, overtaking Facebook. As videos grow in popularity, so does the demand for fast internet – particularly packages with high download speeds – allowing users to fill their boots with online workout videos, cooking tutorials and gaming streams galore!

Full Fibre is taking over 

The UK hit a milestone in recent months, with Ofcom announcing the country had passed the halfway mark towards a gigabit capable Britain. 52% of UK homes can now benefit from Full Fibre broadband. These figures come as great news to residents and businesses across the country that had been stuck with outdated connections.

Your home could well be one of the lucky ones who has access to Grain Full Fibre! Check your postcode to find out how you can upgrade and access fast, reliable Full Fibre broadband today.

Upload speeds on the rise 

According to Ofcom, the average upload speed has increased in recent years, from 7.8Mb, to highs of 18.4Mb in March of this year. Despite this increase, the typical upload speed would struggle to support the needs of the average user. Fast upload speeds are important for popular activities such as video calling, online gaming, live streaming and uploading higher res images.

As a result, all our residential broadband packages come with equal upload and download speeds, giving you speeds up to 900Mb (up & down)! Find out more about how we go above and beyond, here.

Get more with Grain in 2024 

Kickstart your new year with fast, reliable, AND affordable Full Fibre broadband. 

Make better broadband your new year’s resolution this year! 

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