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The proof is in the ping!

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11th September 2023

Bid farewell to your gaming nightmares and buckle up!

Are you tired of those infuriating lags, pesky ping spikes and mid-game disconnections that always strike at the worst possible moment? We’re delving into the world of lag-free, seamless gaming, like never before! Say hello to a new level of gaming awesomeness…

The need for speed
When it comes to gaming, speed is the name of the game – pun intended! Once you’re supercharged with our lightning-fast 900Mb Full Fibre broadband package, you’ll be zipping through loading screens faster than a race car on a straightway. And, if you want to ensure seamless connectivity throughout your entire setup, don’t forget our 500Mb and 900Mb Total Home packages come with a wi-fi extender included. With it, you can extend your wi-fi coverage to every corner of your home, ensuring that your gaming experience remains uninterrupted!

Low ping, high wins
Ping! The little number that can make or break your gaming experience. Full Fibre is your secret weapon against a high ping. Our fibre cables run directly into the router in your home, and are built for speed, reliability, and consistency – meaning commands are transmitted to the game server faster than you can say ‘headshot!’. Low ping times are essential for games with split-second reactions, and Full Fibre makes sure you’re always in control.

Buffer no more
Buffering is the bane of gaming, but with Full Fibre, your gaming sessions are as smooth as butter, without those annoying pauses that can cost you a victory. Imagine the final stages of an intense battle, and suddenly your game freezes…. Well actually, with Full Fibre, you don’t need to imagine that.

Multiplayer Magic
Teamwork makes the dream work, right? Full Fibre broadband lets you team up with your friends for epic multiplayer adventures without the fear of disconnecting or lag-induced frustrations. But, to take your gaming experience to the next level, consider the added advantage of a static IP address. In the fast-paced world of multiplayer gaming, a static IP can be your secret weapon. With a static IP, your gaming device is assigned a consistent and unchanging online identity. This means that you can always connect to your favourite game servers and host matches with ease. No more fumbling around with dynamic IP changes that could disrupt your gameplay. Whether you’re conquering galaxies or scoring goals, our Full Fibre broadband and static IPs keeps you in sync with your teammates, creating a seamless and immersive virtual environment.

Future proof your set-up
Gaming isn’t slowing down, and neither should your broadband. As games continue to evolve, with out-of-this-world graphics, intricate details, and real-time interactions, you’ll need a reliable and robust connection to keep up. Our Full Fibre broadband, with a dedicated fibre cable direct to your home, means you can! Future proof your set-up with Full Fibre, so you’re ready to dive into the next generation of gaming without missing a win.

It’s time to make the switch to Grain and unlock a universe of gaming possibilities. Game on – get ready to dominate the leader boards and forge unforgettable memories with the power of Full Fibre behind you.

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