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22nd September 2023

VM customers can avoid unnecessary price increases

Virgin Media have announced a change in the way they manage their annual price increases – but will still hit their customers with an increase of more than 12% next year!

If you are a Virgin Media broadband customer, listen up and take action now – as Virgin are giving customers until 31st October 2023 to leave their contract without early termination charges because of the changes.

Virgin Media have said that from 2024, they will use the February Retail Price Index (RPI) rate of inflation, plus 3.9% as their standard for all price rises, which will be added to bills in April each year, starting in April 2024. The price rise will be calculated on the total package, not the discounted offer.

RPI is currently 9%, which means an increase for Virgin Media customers next year is likely to be more than 12%.

Previously, they managed price rises dependant on package and market conditions.

Virgin have sent impacted customers an email, but the full details may well be hidden. Look out for an email with this title:

And hidden right at the bottom you will find:

Are you a VM customer? If you want to avoid those pesky price rises, switch to a Grain contract now, and avoid them altogether. Plus, you could save money each month with a lower monthly broadband bill.

Check the terms of your Virgin contract, and if you are able to escape the price rises, give us a call on 0330 223 2266 or sign up today by clicking here.

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