5 reasons to switch to Full Fibre

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8th May 2024

Discover the top 5 reasons why Full Fibre broadband is the ultimate upgrade for speed and reliability.

If you’re not already on the Full Fibre bandwagon, get on board! There’s a tonne of perks that you could be missing out on with bog-standard, traditional broadband…

  1. Lightning-fast symmetrical speeds: Full Fibre broadband delivers blazing-fast speeds, leaving traditional broadband in the dust. With gigabit speeds and packages tailored to you, you can supercharge your home and get more out of your connection. Plus, with our residential broadband packages, you can enjoy symmetrical upload and download speeds.Need a hand choosing the lightning-fast package for you? Get in touch and one of our Full Fibre experts will be happy to help.
  2. Rock-solid reliability: Thanks to fibre optic cable, Full Fibre broadband is much less prone to disruption from pesky bad weather or electrical interference (Especially ours – we’re completely underground)! No more waiting for the storm to pass to get your favourite programme back up and running, make the most of a consistent broadband connection with Grain Full Fibre.
  3. Fill your boots with entertainment: With lower latency, you can enjoy all sorts of entertainment buffer-free, for an all-round smoother online experience. Never miss a moment during live events, enjoy faster downloads of your favourite programme and level-up your gameplay. Check out our blog on how you can bid goodbye to your gaming nightmares with a Full Fibre connection.
  4. Top-notch security: In today’s digital age, security is a top priority. Full Fibre broadband offers enhanced security features like encryption and firewalls to keep your data safe from cyber threats.
  5. A connection that saves AND makes you money: With our price match, and our promise never to increase your prices mid-contract, you are guaranteed the best price possible.Like that’s not enough, did you know that properties with a Full Fibre connection are more attractive to potential buyers or renters? It’s true! Not only will you be saving money with our affordable pricing, you could be making money in the long run.

So there you have it— 5 awesome benefits of Full Fibre broadband. Ready to make the switch? Check your postcode on our website to see if we are installing homes on your street with our next-generation Full Fibre broadband.

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