Building Brand Identity to leave a lasting impression

Having a killer product or service nowadays will only be relevant in the world if it has a strong brand identity, visual presence, values and meaning.

Grain partnered with BelieveIn, the UK branch of this talented international brand design agency to create this image, because of their deep understanding of who we wanted to be among our competitors.

Having chosen to showcase Grain in his upcoming book, “Identity Designed: The Definitive Guide to Visual Branding”, gives us immense pride in the brand we created and tirelessly work to expand and evolve.

Just like BelieveIn who firmly stand behind definitive proposals as oppose to speculative suggestions, when tasked to create for a client, we approach every network design we do, every leaflet we create, every internal and external communication with clients and customers, with the same precision and dedication. Our brand identity, everything it embodies and values it created, is what makes Grain such a special place to work at.

David Airey is aiming to reach out to designers, students and entrepreneurs who are looking to understand better what makes a brand effective in a very competitive world of brands, some powerful, some lost in the noise.

We are grateful to BelieveIn who took the wild ride with us to create something outstanding. And we are grateful to have been recognised in your book, David! Identity Designed: The Definitive Guide to Visual Branding

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