Bye Bye Bundles?

New research into household broadband and entertainment habits has revealed that a potential 2 million households that have their broadband and television services bundled would consider a broadband only service. A perceived “lack of value” with current entertainment options was a common explanation for this preference.

Research from the same survey also places some of the onus on the ever increasing popularity of video streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon prime, Now TV and Disney + further verified by the huge increase in user bases for these products.

As many of the developers we work with know, Grain are doing a lot to facilitate in the move to steaming services. As more of households’ requirements for bandwidth move towards streaming video, it is important to have a robust, reliable and fast broadband service which offers the necessary bandwidth for both streaming and day to day internet usage.

Grain have gathered their own customer insight to better understand the value of some IP based streaming products such as the Amazon firestick and Google Chromecast. It was found that not only is it possible to get a wider range of services through these products, but it was also possible to obtain all of these services for cheaper overall when compared to current set top box bundles on the market.

With a Grain connection, the future proofed requirements needed for fast and reliable streaming is already available to new developments, and with the streaming technology also readily available it will only be a matter of time before more consumers start to see the benefit of ditching their bundled entertainment. Grain want to continue facilitating customer preference and continues to adapt and evolve our offering to match demand!

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