Grain Drills To Success

In November last year, the Grain Connect team agreed to provide a full-fibre hyperfast broadband network for Stewart Milne’s Hunters Meadow development in Auchterarder, Perthshire. At that time, the fastest available network to homeowners in the development had a maximum download speed of around 30Mbps, significantly lower than the 1000Mbps offered by Grain Connect. The Grain Connect team swiftly got to work on finding a solution to supply the full-fibre gigabit-enabled network, which was made more complicated as phase one of the site had already been completed and phase two was well underway.

Midway through December, Grain had agreed with Stewart Milne a point of connection to serve the site and a location for the Grain fibre cabinet. There was, however, still the small issue of how to install the necessary ductwork over the already completed carriageways and footpaths from phase two to phase three of the development.

For this purpose, Grain engaged the services of a directional drilling team. The directional drill was an excellent solution for the site, as it allowed the required duct to be installed without inconveniencing the new residents with an extended period of traffic management and it removed the need to scar and resurface the newly finished footpaths and carriageway.

The drilling was scheduled for 18 December and, within a few hours, the drilling team had completed their works. This gave Grain the necessary link in place to serve all the future phases on the development. The Grain project team then agreed a programme of works with the site team and, in doing so, has brought the residents of Hunters Meadow a huge step closer to enjoying Grain Connect’s competitively priced hyperfast broadband.

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